Skype and Deutsche Telekom Try to block WIFI-VoIP…or can they?

Skype’s new application launched last week is certainly stirring up some controversy. It’s ability to completely sidestep voice networks has the fragile wired infrastructure running for the hills. Its been a long time coming but not unexpected…

Paul Chavaux

Here is Robert Poe’s article from VoIP-News from April 6th, 2009.

Skype for the iPhone, introduced to much fanfare [...]

Fring brings VoIP to Your Smartphone

FRING AND NETBUZZ Bring WIFI VoIP to Your Smartphone or iPhone NOW!

As I’ve said to many of my customers, "…telephone service is just about free."  For those of you with a smartphone or iphone you can download a SIP app from
and use SIP through your smartphone whenever you are in range of a [...]

WIFI VoIP is Almost Here! (…for everyone else)


How ZER01 Could Upend the Cellular Industry

Use of mobile VoIP, open network makes new service potentially disruptive.

by Robert Poe | March 23, 2009

ZER01 Communications attracted much attention recently when it announced a new nationwide unlimited mobile voice service for $69.95 per month, with no roaming fees, contracts, credit checks or [...]

Make More Money with NeverBlueAds & their Cellfish SMS Max Payouts

Years ago, the rush for promoting cell phone ring tones started. Millions of dollars were made, then over the past years the market died off for most promoters, as competition and new marketing terms/effects came into play… but it is still making a ton of money today. The most recent hot campaigns to [...]

T-Mobile G1 Launches in UK, Gets Link from Google Homepage

The T-Mobile G1 is launching in the UK this week and Google is promoting the handset in the most valuable piece of advertising space in the world – a text link right in the middle of the Google homepage.

The link points to this page which directs you straight through to the T-Mobile landing page where [...]