Microsoft Office 2003 Setup Command-Line Switches


Description of setup command-line switches for Office 2003
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For a Microsoft Office XP version of this article, see 283686  [...]

ImageX Command-Line Options


ImageX Command-Line Options

ImageX is a command-line tool in Windows Vista that you can use to create and manage Windows image (.wim) files. A .wim file contains one or more volume images, disk volumes that contain images of an installed Windows operating system.

To modify your volume images, you must install the Windows Imaging File System Filter (WIM [...]

Imagex Capture command

Make sure that source and destination directories are both shared and permissions are set. You will have to do this manually as simply using the share feature isn’t enough. Go into the security tab and set full control to appropriate users and groups

this one works.

imagex /capture c:\winpe1\HP5700 c:\images\xpe2009.wim "Windows Embedded Standard"


Windows AIK – imagex /capture tutorial


Capture an Image

ImageX is a command-line tool that enables the creation of Windows Image (.wim) files for deployment in a manufacturing or corporate IT environment. By using the imagex /capture command, you can capture a volume or partition to a .wim file. Once you capture your image, you can modify and apply the image either [...]

Windows 7 XPM Download – XP Mode Download

 There are two parts to this download, 1) VIrtual PC, and 2) the actual XP vhd. Make sure you download both.


There is also a productivity download that you may need to run vista productivity applications


RAIL QFE Beta for Vista SP1

Create a Bootable Windows PE RAM Disk on CD-ROM


Create a Bootable Windows PE RAM Disk on CD-ROM


This walkthrough describes how you can create a bootable Windows PE RAM disk on CD-ROM by using the Copype.cmd script. Windows PE RAM enables you to start a computer for the purposes of deployment or recovery. Windows PE RAM boots directly into memory, enabling you to remove [...]